Booking your hotel in Iceland

Iceland is filled with fantastic places to stay, and they range

from plush hotels and local guest houses to rustic farms and purse

friendly hostels. Booking your accommodation in Iceland can be a

little overwhelming, so here is our helpful little guide to

choosing the perfect place for you.


Plan in advance

Iceland is fast becoming a holiday hotspot, with more tourists

coming to visit each year. The demand on hotels is very high, so

it is always advisable to book your stay in advance.


Hotels and guesthouses

Iceland’s hotels range from modern business style blocks to slick

and stylish boutiques. Most are comfortable and well equipped, and

they provide the ideal base for exploring this fascinating

country. Seek out the bigger hotels if you want added luxuries

such as swimming pools, gyms and spa areas.

Guesthouses are often run by local families and they are usually

packed with character. They range from basic affordable lodgings

with shared facilities, to well furnished, well-appointed boutique


While searching through hotels in Iceland you might find many

options that offer a choice between made up beds, which come with

all linen, or sleeping-bag accommodation, which is often an ideal

way of saving even more money.



You can seek out your own home from home in Iceland by opting to

stay in a self-catering apartment. Self-catering options range

from studios that will accommodate a couple or a small family, to

larger apartments that are ideal for big groups.

You will also find an array of self-catering options for different

budgets. They range from basic spaces that offer a cosy place to

rest your head at night, to luxurious apartments with stunning

views and opulent interiors. Self-catering is a great choice if

you want the freedom of your own surrounds, to come and go as you

please in-between your adventures across Iceland.



There are many hostels across Iceland, and they offer cheap and

basic accommodation. Hostels in Iceland range from large

operations with shared dorms in Reykjavik to traditional

farmhouses in the country that sleep just a few people at a time.

Some offer laundry facilities, meals and tours, and most have

self-catering facilities. Some of the more remote hostels close

during the winter time, so ensure you book in advance.

Whether you stay in a luxurious hotel or you opt for a purse

friendly hostel, your holiday to Iceland is sure to be filled with

spectacular sights and experiences. Check out our latest

accommodation options to start your adventure.